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Approved and Connected.

As an Approved Customs Agent for Import and Export shipments, we are directly connected to Swiss Customs (EZV). We make sure to constantly take over any innovations and systems updates and are therefore always up to date with the latest technology, in the field of electronic data transmission. Our experienced customs staff will be pleased to help and assist you with all your questions, concerning Import and Export of goods as well as on customs duties and taxes applicable in Switzerland and abroad.

In addition to the customs clearance of General Cargo, our specialties also include the
clearance of Cars and of Removals Goods and Personal Effects.

We also operate our own Customs Bonded Warehouse (OZL) for bonded cargo, that have to be stored more than 30 days.

Our Customs Clearance Procedures are neutral and discreet at all times, to protect the interests of our clients, freight forwarding colleagues and freighters.

Border Clearances

In recent years we have continuously expanded our Customs Services to the whole of Switzerland. Together and with longtime customs clearance partners, your shipments will be cleared quickly and reliably.

Please enquire via info@transsped.ch or call +41 44 866 28 28.

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