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Total Management.

With years of expertise and the latest systems, we offer a variety of services related to your transport needs.

  • Domestic Storage
  • Storage for Bonded goods
  • Pick and Pack, Distribution and Packaging


For customs cleared goods, we offer depending on the type, commodity and duration of the required storage period, various options in different quality and price ranges.


For customs uncleared goods and as an Approved Receiver (ZE), we offer you to temporarely store your transit goods for a period of 30 days after arrival, without import clearance in our warehouse. Should you require a longer intermediate bonded storage, we will move the shipment after 30 days to our own operated Bonded Customs Warehouse (OZL).


Whether warehouse management, processing directly after receipt of orders, deliveries of individual shipments, deadline management, implementation for the domestic and foreign market, we also provide you with reference information about our various services.

Furthermore we can also arrange for the following:

  • Pricing and Labelling of your goods
  • Decodage and/or Neutralising of articles
  • Combining and or Repacking your goods


Professional packaging is absolutely essential to avoid and minimize any transport damages. In co-operation with the most renowned Packaging Companies, we organize tailor-made packaging for your goods all kinds. Smaller packaging jobs can be done by ourselves and is executed professionally.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations and pricing to info@transsped.ch or call +41 44 866 28 28.

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